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We are different, we are innovators, we are visionary, we give back to your dogs the perfect food they need from their ancestors. Nothing else that they were eating in the wild.

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Dry Dog Food

Produced with 100% natural ingredients

dry dog food with natural ingredients
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Semi-moist Dog Food

Fresh meat and fish

semimoist dog food with natural ingredients
Monodoses in small trays

Snacks for Dogs

100% natural ingredients reward

snacks for dogs with natural ingredients
All dog snacks

Snacks for Cats

A natural and healthy product

snacks for cats with natural ingredients
All cat snacks

Sticks for Dogs

A stick full of benefits and vitality

sticks for dogs with natural ingredients
All dog sticks

Complete Wet Dog Food

Health and vitality

dog wet food
All products

Complete Wet Cat Food

Health and vitality

cat wet food
All products

Ham Bones for Dogs

100% Spanish Serrano Ham Bone

ham bones for dogs
All sizes

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Alpha Spirit Pet Food

Alpha Spirit is different, innovative, is visionary, tried to go back to the origins and offer your pet a food organically appropriate in this actual and exciting world. Alpha Spirit was born with a clear mission; our first steps are to return to our dogs to their ancestors, that means give your dog the perfect food they need as their forefathers were getting in the wild.

Alpha Spirit

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1503, 2016

Pet Worldwide Magazine

March 15th, 2016|Press|

The prestigious online publication dedicated an interesting article. Link to magazine: PETWORDWIDE

1503, 2016


March 15th, 2016|Collaborations|

The sales leader in pet food and accessories online ZOOPLUS, have a strong commitment with Alpha Spirit products. Our standard of quality and variety of natural products is a  trendsetter so you can now purchase [...]

1503, 2016


March 15th, 2016|Food|

Alpha Spirit products can be purchased now in the best on-line shop in UK!! VITAL PET. The high standard of quality of Alpha Spirit products is perfect for your dog and now you can order [...]

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