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The complete natural food Alpha Spirit is suitable for different stages of the dog. Each box of product has a table indicating the RDA for different types of dog, according to age and activity.
No, a diet with a high level of protein will not make your dog sick. If your dog already has a kidney or liver disease, probably the vet should have prescribed a diet low in protein. But this is in the case your pet is already sick and will get a longer survival and disease control. You cannot prevent the disease with a low protein diet; it is a treatment of the disease.

The behaviour of your dog usually not going to be altered. Perhaps you can see that it becomes more active and energetic by giving Spirit Alpha Complete Dog Food, this has two explanations. First, the dog gets the energy from protein and fat, so our Food basically consists of these two sources; will give your dog the energy he needs for his daily activity. Also, if I previously he was feed with cereals; which cannot digest; for your pet this new food is as a treatment, as an antidote that will allow him to obtain optimal health and an excellent physical condition.

Some studies have linked high levels of protein in animal food that develop aggressiveness, this decreased as did the level of protein in their diet. Although these disorders are very rare and its main cause is usually a behaviour disorder or disease, and should be treated by a veterinarian or by a specialist in ethology.

If your dog is healthy, the protein levels are perfectly normal for him and can assimilate without any problem. Cats and dogs get their energy from protein and fats, not carbohydrates; therefore you need a high level of protein to meet the energy needs of your pet. Amino acids of high quality proteins are necessary for the building of muscle; keep your dog healthy with excellent body condition for a long and happy life.

There are many myths circulating about protein levels, however, more and more news and articles corroborate the need for proteins that have dogs; eliminating the old theories. In fact, proteins previously gave low energy levels for senior dogs, although today it is starting to recommend protein levels similar to those of an adult animal because research has shown that low levels of protein caused muscle loss and protein deficiency.

No, you cannot feed your dog with our snacks, or any other snack. You can feed your dog properly with our Complete Dog Food and give our snacks and treats, but always with the base of the food. If you look at all the pet food market, bags of food establish that is complete, although treats and snacks are establish of being complementary food, this is why you should not feed your dog with snacks only because they have not been formulated as complete food.

In Alpha Spirit we have developed a Complete Dog Food to feed your pet at millimeter thought to meet all the needs of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your pet may have. In addition, we have supplemented with condrotin, glucosamine, taurine, omega 3 and 6, turmeric, lutein, inulin, carnitine and yeast so that your pet can have the highest quality food. We testing it and when it becomes available you can feed your pet with it.

This technology is a new process created by the research team of Alpha Spirit that will improve the quality of life of your pet for several reasons. Firstly using this manufacturing process the meat proteins are more digestible and therefore will be more comparable to the digestive system of your dog. This has several consequences such as feed your dog with less food because it takes advantage of all, your dog will have more energy and that their digestions are lighter, like their faeces. Furthermore, the proteins will be smaller and this also reduces the allergies, so if we add this feature to the absence of grain and gluten, our complete dog food, snacks and sticks treats become impossible to cause food allergy, are hypoallergenic. Tenderize technology is performed at low temperatures in order to preserve all the nutrients and vitamins from the meat.